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Lockdown measures taken in Italy over the coronavirus pandemic will be extended beyond their original deadlines, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Thursday.

Imposed nationally on March 12, the shutdown of most businesses and a ban on public gatherings in Italy, the European country worst hit by the pandemic, are due to expire on March 25.

School closures and other measures, such as a ban fan attendance at sporting events, are due to run on until April 3.

“The measures we have taken… must be extended beyond their original deadline,” Conte told Thursday’s edition of the

Close down group meals for seniors. Cancel social gatherings.

The directive, from the Illinois Department on Aging, sent shock waves through senior service organizations late last week.

Overnight, Area Agencies on Aging had to figure out how to help people in their homes instead of at sites where they mingle and get various types of assistance.

This is the new reality as the COVID-19 virus barrels into communities across America. Older adults — the demographic group most at risk of dying if they become ill ― are being warned against going out and risking contagion. And programs that serve this

Welcome back to day 25 – with many gyms closing down because of ‘that’ virus our home workouts could not have come at a better time. Are you ready to sweat?

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Quarantining can leave you sitting down all day with a jar of nut butter in one hand and your phone in the other.

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