Credit: The Army Research Laboratory

New Army-funded study looks at effects of sleep deprivation, which can greatly affect Soldiers on the battlefield.

Research conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center and funded by the Army Research Office, an element of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory, suggests that people who rely on sleeping during daytime hours are at greater risk for developing neurological disorders.

The study, published in Nature Communications, details how the complex set of molecular and that comprise the glymphatic system—the brain’s unique process of waste removal—are synchronized with the

The health benefits of green tea are limitless, but the taste can be a little – hmmm, understatement alert – bitter? That’s why we’ve searched high and low for some that actually taste good

Here at Healthista HQ we realise that not everyone is as green tea crazed as we are (our go-to is Pukka’s Mint Green Tea).

So we set ourselves a challenge to find the best tasting green teas for those who don’t normally like green tea, so that you can start loving it the way we do and soaking up all the rewards.

First let’s look