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Smell loss is a frequently reported symptom of COVID-19 but reports of prevalence vary from study-to-study and range from 5% to 98%. With such a wide range of estimates, it is difficult to prioritize its importance for testing and treatment.

Investigators, led by the Monell Chemical Senses Center, determined in part why the reports vary so much. They reviewed existing research to determine whether the studies that used direct measures versus self-report of could explain the range of estimates. They found that with direct measures, about 77% of COVID-19 patients had loss versus

It is often believed that exercise and pregnancy don’t mix. But according to perinatal yoga teacher Rehana Jawadwala – author of Why Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Matter exercise is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and birth

Gone are the days when traditional patriarchal terms such as ‘delicate’, ‘vulnerable’ and (my pet peeve), ‘a vessel for new life’ were how we were made to believe pregnancy was all about.

In fact, our bodies are far more resilient and adaptable than previously thought.

The demands placed on our body as we exercise are not detrimental to our pregnancy, in fact the