Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

The British government was set to impose tougher coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday on the English city of Manchester, defying the wishes of local leaders for the first time under a new system of localised curbs.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned last week of the need for action but Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham had demanded more money before agreeing to shut pubs and other venues, warning that low-paid workers could sink deeper into poverty.

The row threatened to undermine Johnson’s latest strategy of local lockdowns across England—other parts of the UK set their own rules—which he

A runner’s diet needs the best nutrition for endurance and recovery. Top sport nutritionist Renee McGregor explains how to work the food groups to improve your running performance

Are you a regular attendee at Saturday morning park runs? Do you enjoy a social run with your friends after the school drop off? Do you run a few miles a week to see what all the health-fuss is about? Are you trying to beat your friends at a best 5k time?

Whatever your running motivation is, training and consistency is going to be the key to your success.

However, although training