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The Biden administration’s plan to open 100 vaccination sites by the end of the month was initially embraced by governors and health officials, who considered it a much needed lifeline to get more Americans inoculated against the coronavirus.

But reality has quickly set in: Some are hesitating to take the offer, at least for now, saying they don’t need more places to administer doses. They just need more doses.

Eager to protect more people against the , in Oklahoma jumped at the chance to add large, federally supported vaccination sites. They wanted them

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More than 800,00 people have died from the coronavirus across Europe since the pandemic began in December 2019, according to an AFP tally Saturday based on official sources.

As of Saturday, 1630 GMT, there were 800,361 deaths recorded in the 52 countries and territories that make up the continent—including Russia and Turkey—for 35,395,270 declared cases.

That puts the continent’s ahead of Latin America and the Caribbean, which has 635,834 dead for 20,021,361 cases; of the United States and Canada’s 502,064 deaths for 28,312,719 cases; and Asia’s 247,730 deaths for 15,641,940 cases.

Europe as a