Twitter and totally different social media platforms, which permit fast dissemination of prime-line findings, are inclined to generate messages missing in nuance.

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Entry to correct well being care has change into a serious drawback within the fashionable America. Dancers and gymnasts all the time use tough types of steadiness. They’re usually on one leg whereas performing difficult strikes and should then come to a full cease. “The whole thing dancers and gymnasts do includes controlling their physique place and balancing, together with landing and sticking to it,” says Comana. Native climate change impacts the social …

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I’ve a big variety of moles. Whereas most don’t trouble me, I’ve not less than one which bleeds on occasion. Ought to I see my physician for a mole that bleeds?

ANSWER: Moles are teams of pigment cells, and practically everybody has them. Most moles are innocent, nevertheless it’s doable for melanoma—a uncommon however severe pores and skin most cancers—to develop in or close to a mole. Though it might not be severe, a mole that bleeds is a doable signal of melanoma.

Melanoma develops in cells referred to as melanocytes that