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The US Justice Department sued a Chinese company for selling nearly a half million fake and substandard N95 respirator to US buyers in April as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country.

In a complaint filed in in Brooklyn, New York, the department said Guangdong-based King Year Packaging and Printing shipped three batches of purported N95 masks, needed to protect medical and other personnel from the coronavirus, to US buyers.

The company falsely claimed the 495,200 masks it shipped were met the N95 standard and also falsely claimed they were certified by the US National

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Telephone interventions could be used to successfully treat symptoms of cancer such as fatigue, depression and anxiety, new research in theCochrane Libraryreports. This could help patients receive the care they need during the current COVID-19 pandemic when face- to- face access with medical professionals is limited.

During this unique study researchers from the University of Surrey investigated the effectiveness of interventions by offering help and support in treating symptoms of cancer. People with cancer often experience a variety of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sexually related issues and fatigue caused by the disease

It’s a good idea to clean the gym equipment before and after you use it. Credit: Shutterstock

With coronavirus restrictions gradually lifting across the country, we’re now able to resume many of our regular activities.

A lot of us might have been particularly keen to get back to the gym, which is now an option in some Australian states, and not far off in others.

So, how can we protect ourselves and other people from COVID-19 infection when we return to the gym?

How are gyms unique?

First it’s important to understand gyms are a bit different to other places

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In the largest study of the genetics of childhood obesity, researchers have looked at why some children gain weight very easily.

By the age of five, one in four are either overweight or obese. While easy access to high calorie foods and sedentary lifestyles have driven the rise in childhood in recent years, some children seem able to eat what they like and remain thin, while others very easily. An individual’s risk of gaining is strongly influenced by their , and some children who gain a lot of weight, are

(HealthDay)—Health care workers (HCWs) in Italy who treated COVID-19 patients self-report substantial mental health symptoms, according to a research letter published online May 28 in JAMA Network Open.

Rodolfo Rossi, M.D., from University of Rome Tor Vergata, and colleagues evaluated mental health outcomes among HCWs in Italy. The was conducted between March 27 and 31, 2020, and was distributed via social networks using a snowball technique and sponsored social network advertisements. The analysis included 1,379 responses.

The researchers found that 49.38 percent of respondents reported posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS); 24.73 percent reported symptoms of depression; 19.80 percent

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Many patients had to wait for lifesaving surgeries, such organ transplants, due to the heavy burden COVID-19 caused for hospitals. Now, UTSA computer science seniors have built a software program that assists doctors in prioritizing medical procedures and treat people more efficiently.

The , called ESCal, can organize almost three months of surgeries in a few minutes by simply working within a hospital’s existing system.

“For the past nine months we were working on another project for Amita Shah at UT Health San Antonio, but once the outbreak struck, we had to pivot,” said Mark