Why Did Georgia Change Its Mind?
Brian Robinson, the Governor wanted to wait for the decision from Supreme Court about the health care reform law whether it will be overturned or not. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of President Obama mandates that by 2014 every state in America should have their own health insurance exchange running. Exchange will be a marketplace where small businesses will be given the chance to shop for affordable Georgia health insurance plans. If the state fails to do as required, the federal government will run it for them.
Robinson added that the Governor does not want to move forward with this matter until the court has ruled on the health care reform law. However, Rep. Pat Gardner (D-Atlanta), a member of the exchange panel, does not see the point of having to wait for the Supreme Court’s decision.
Gardner is the main sponsor of House Bill 801. This legislation would establish a mechanism for an online health exchange in Georgia where small businesses and individuals without health coverage and looking for affordable Georgia health insurance policies can participate. She further added that the Tea Party was the “force” that killed the health exchange …

This is probably the single most important consideration of all. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is more applicable today than ever. If we knew what would happen in the future we would take prevention much more seriously. We can’t see the future. So we run the risk of regrets. It is difficult to put aside pride and ignorance for the sake of outcomes that may never occur. It’s a choice we all make every minute of every day. It depends on what things are important to us. Focusing on the important things helps us determine the choises and actions we will take.
This century has become the most dangerous period in history for chemical choice and availability. Just one look in our kitchen cupboards will testify to this. Natural chemicals give the liver a chance to break the dangerous substance down in our body and excrete it. Modern chemicals are so new to our livers that they accumulate in our bodies and go on to adversely change our genetics. Each generation is living longer but less healthy than the previous generation. Some diseases are becoming far too common, for example, diabetes.
Mass production has given us cheaper goods, …