COVID-19 is taking a terrible toll worldwide. But in the Himalayan territory of Kashmir, it’s only the latest indignity in a 73-year cycle of oppression, militarization and scarcity.

At least, that’s what the minimal news from Kashmir indicates. The Indian part of Kashmir—which shares volatile borders with Pakistan and China—has been an information black hole since August 2019, when the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi stripped the region of its autonomous status and split it in two territories to be directly governed by India.

To enforce this radical change, a military lockdown was imposed, which saw Indian soldiers using

Keto, sirtfood, paleo – just how many popular diets are there? And which ones are actually good for you? We spoke to nutritionist Rick Hay, who helps us set the record straight on five trendy diets

There are a plethora of diets out there, it seems as if a new one is made popular everyday. Diets for weight loss, diets for fat loss, diets for reducing appetite, diets for reducing bloating, diets for better skin – I could go on.

All of these popular diets claim to be THE diet that will be the answer to your prayers and claims