January 20, 2021

fat burning HIIT workout – week three, day 17


Follow our four week home workout challenge for body and mind. Day 17 is another fat burning HIIT workout with F45 Chelsea trainer Amber Gamble. Get ready to sweat

Well done for reaching day 17 of our four week workout challenge for your body and mind.

From HIIT workouts to yoga and meditation, we have got your ‘new year, new you’ kick start sorted, to help improve not just your physical well-being but your mental health too.

Covid-19 has resulted in lockdowns and tiers, which has meant gyms have had to close their doors. This has left people searching

National research effort discovers relationship between inflammation, metabolism and scleroderma scarring


Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Scleroderma, a chronic and currently incurable orphan disease where tissue injury causes potentially lethal skin and lung scarring, remains poorly understood.

However, the defining characteristic of systemic sclerosis, the most serious form of , is irreversible and progressive that affects the skin and .

Published in iScience, Michigan Medicine’s Scleroderma Program and the rheumatology and dermatology departments partnered with the Northwestern Scleroderma Program in Chicago and Mayo Clinic to investigate the causes of disabling scarring, using human patient samples, preclinical mouse models and explanted .

“We found that