January 29, 2021

fat burning HIIT – week four, day 26 (Last Day)


It’s the final day of our four week home workout challenge. It’s time to sweat it out for the final time and burn some serious calories with celebrity trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir

Congratulations on (nearly) completing our four week home workout challenge for the body and mind. How have you found the journey?

We hope you are feeling fitter and healthier both physically and mentally.

Are you ready to give yourself a final push? Let’s complete week four and give it 100 per cent effort!

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Scientists discover how remdesivir works to inhibit coronavirus


Remdesivir is the only antiviral drug approved for use in the U.S. against COVID-19. Credit: Gilead.

More effective antiviral treatments could be on the way after research from The University of Texas at Austin sheds new light on the COVID-19 antiviral drug remdesivir, the only treatment of its kind currently approved in the U.S. for the coronavirus.

The study is published today in the journal Molecular Cell.

Remdesivir targets a part of the that allows it to make copies of itself and spread through the body. For the first time, scientists identified a critical mechanism that the