Vitamin skilled and sports activities nutritionist Kim Bowman explains the significance of electrolytes and why it’s essential to remain hydrated when exercising within the warmth

We’ve all heard how essential hydration is to interchange fluid loss throughout and after train.

Any vitamin skilled will inform you that insufficient fluid consumption might go away you feeling torpid, unmotivated, and liable to pounding complications, particularly in the course of the sizzling summer season months.

Why? Dehydration happens when our physique begins to lose extra fluids than we absorb.

That is particularly widespread in the course of the summer season months as we

Rob Taylor is Professor of Mitochondrial Pathology at Newcastle College, Head of the Newcastle NHS Extremely Specialised Mitochondrial Diagnostic Laboratory and a Guide Scientific Scientist in The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Basis Belief and senior creator on the research. Credit score: Newcastle College, UK

Sufferers with a novel mobile dysfunction are serving to researchers perceive a collection of well being issues higher.

For the primary time, researchers led by Newcastle College, UK have recognized a bunch of sufferers with neurological illness who lack a vital cell course of known as autophagy. The work is revealed at the moment within