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Brazil surpassed 70,000 coronavirus deaths on Friday, the health ministry said, though the number of daily fatalities appears to be stabilizing.

The ministry said there had been 45,000 new infections and 1,200 deaths over the last 24 hours, taking the totals to 1.8 million cases and 70,400 deaths.

Brazil, a country of 212 million, is the second worst-affected country in the world after the United States.

The number of deaths has doubled over the last 35 days with Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states the worst hit, respectively reporting 17,400 and 11,200 deaths.

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The vaccine developed at the Rega Institute is one of the first that is proven to protect lab animals from infection. Credit: © Layla Aerts – KU Leuven

Virologists at the Rega Institute at KU Leuven (Belgium) have developed a vaccine candidate that protects hamsters from infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Theirs is one of the first vaccine candidates that is proven to protect lab animals from infection. The team aims to start clinical trials next Winter. Their findings are pending peer review, but the researchers have already submitted their results to preprint server bioRxiv.

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The human heart is like a sponge, able to expand and grow, increasing its capacity to take up blood. In theory, an enlarged heart can also squeeze out more blood, with more power, than an average-sized heart. But in reality, for most people, this growth—known as cardiac hypertrophy—is abnormal and signals trouble.

Cardiac hypertrophy is brought on by various factors, high pressure in particular. Existing treatments only delay the inevitable—that the spongy heart muscle becomes thicker and stiffer over time, culminating in , in which the heart can no longer contract strongly enough

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The President of the Royal Society has today urged everyone in the UK to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Robby Allen from Cranfield University explains why even if people are told to they won’t always follow sensible advice and regardless of what the medical advice says.

Commenting on why people are refusing to wear , Dr. Robby Allen of Cranfield University, said: “What we are seeing is not a new phenomenon. In the 1960s the psychologist Jack Brehm’s work on Reactance Theory established that people have an internal

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CAR-T cell therapy is a new and revolutionary weapon against cancer: T cells are isolated from the patient’s blood for genetic modification and then infused back into the patient to attack cancer cells. Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna have now determined why CAR-T cells do not destroy tumor cells that express tumor antigens in small numbers. Their study, published in Nature Immunology, shows that CAR-T cells fail to initiate adequate intracellular signaling when facing low antigen densities, even though they bind the antigen in a highly efficient manner.

CAR-T cells are T cells

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In a new report, the Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team found that early implementation and timely adjustment of control measures could be important in containing coronavirus transmission.

The researchers say that control measures such as school closures, travel restrictions, and , were introduced across provinces early on when few cases were reported, so may have been more effective in limiting and averting transmission.

The team also noted that the focus of control strategies shifted, following the first wave of locally driven cases, to compulsory testing and quarantine for all incoming travelers and close