Although merry, Christmas can also be pretty stressful. Nutritionist May Simpkin reveals five self-care tips to practice over Christmas to help you feel fully rested come the New Year

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but amid all the late nights, too much booze and crowded shops, Christmas can be anything but.

As a result, self-care often slips down our list of priorities, leaving us feeling exhausted, burned out and lacking in motivation – especially after the festive celebrations are over.

So, how can we be kind to ourselves and ensure we survive the Christmas period and come

Full of nutrients and are a great addition to any recipe, add more whole grains into your diet with these three healthy plant-based recipes 

Pasta, rice, oats, quinoa – these are what usually come to mind when whole grains are mentioned.

As more of us become conscious of our health, adopting a healthier diet seems a good place to start.

The standard western diet includes grains such as the ones mentioned above, but many are generally highly processed and don’t contain a lot of nutrients.

whole unprocessed grains contain many more nutrients

As we seek out more nutrient dense foods

Is peanut butter your go to snack? Well good news, this moreish treat has a few health benefits to its name, including weight loss. Healthista spoke to nutritionist Rick Hay

Peanut butter – nutty, gooey, creamy, scrummy, wholesome, unputdownable – did I miss out any other adjectives?

Lockdown #1 was bad enough when it came to spooning peanut butter from the jar, but Lockdown 2.0 has seen a recycling bin full of nut butter jars…

Peanut butter is everyone’s favourite spread – well nearly everyone’s.

Research, conducted by Healthista on 1500 readers in association with Pip & Nut, found

Are you feeling more stressed out than usual? For Stress Awareness Week, Health Coach and Mindfulness Teacher Louise Murray reveals 12 stress-reducing foods that may help you to stress a little less and live a little more

It’s safe to say Britons may have started this week slightly more stressed-out than usual, given the Prime Minister’s Lockdown 2.0 announcement on Saturday evening – which is ironic considering it’s Stress Awareness Week…

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a second national lockdown for England that will start on Thursday 5th of November, in order to prevent a ‘medical and moral

Halloween is here and so are all the pumpkins. If you’re in need to some Halloween inspiration look no further than these two delicious pumpkin recipes

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means the supermarkets will be wanting to get rid of all those pumpkins they ordered… especially since Halloween is cancelled this year. Thanks Covid-19.

Pumpkins don’t just look pretty, these orange plants are amazingly versatile in the kitchen – it’s no wonder they are so totally ‘Instagrammable’.

The pumpkin and it’s seed has a multitude nutrients and vitamins such as zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin A – it’s

Around a billion people globally and some 10 million Brits aren’t getting enough vitamin D. A new study has found that over 80 per cent Covid-19 patients had low levels of vitamin D 

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, sunshine is becoming a distant memory and concerns about low vitamin D levels start to hit the press once again, especially as every where you turn, there seems to be someone suffering with repeated colds and infections.

Indeed, a new study published on Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that the majority