Its January which means it’s ‘Dry January’. Are you taking on the challenge this 2020? We tasted the best mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks for the growing number of you choosing a Soberista life

With a staggering one in five Brits reportedly giving up drinking back in 2017, it’s clear the Soberista trend is here to stay.

But when you’re not drinking, there was not long ago a time when the only options on offer were obscenely sugary soft drinks or soda water. Not anymore.

The last few years have seen the launch of an increasing number of non-alcoholic

Want healthy eating tips for the real world? In today’s ‘What I eat in a day’ episode, Healthista quizzes Hannah Barrett aka @yoga_girl_london on her daily food hacks

Hannah Barrett, or Yoga Girl London as she is known in the Instagram world, is a mother of two, whose aim is to share the incredible benefits of yoga with as many people as she can – and in the cutest way possible too as many of her videos involve her gorgeous children and very cute pooch.

Maintaining a healthy weight is more important than ever and will be top of man resolution lists this New Year. We asked nutritionist May Simpkin for her 10 golden rules to weight loss

When life runs away with you and you’re aware that you’re not on track when it comes to your meal and food choices, you’ll also be aware that you don’t feel great!

All too often this can lead to a cycle of battling cravings, low mood, fatigue and tiredness and inevitably followed by despair. Sound familiar?

Current research tells us that obesity leads to chronic disease. Cancer

New Year, New Me? Wondering what New Year resolutions you’ll actually be able to stick to? Nutritionist May Simpkin shares four simple things you can resolve to do right now – and actually keep

You’ve survived the festive excesses; eating your way through endless meals, treats and goodies, washed down with a glass or two of the mandatory tipple; simply ‘because it’s Christmas’.

With the New Year on its way and feeling decidedly more exhausted on your return to normality. Here are four simple ways you can keep on top of your new year’s resolutions this year:

#1 Focus on

‘Tis the season to be drinking. Nutritionist May Simpkin reveals the best choices for alcohol drinks to avoid piling on the pounds this party season

Many people who value a healthy lifestyle will also drink, ensuring they’re ‘drinking smart’ over the festive period.

However, all too often, cosy evenings in are accompanied by a ‘relaxing’ glass of wine and social nights out wouldn’t be complete without indulging in cocktails, wine with the meal and perhaps a nightcap to finish.

It’s easy to underestimate the number of calories you are drinking

Some scientific studies will identify health benefits associated with moderate