A woman who was stabbed to death ran a lucrative online sales trade in the weeks before she died, hawking everything from her own hair to ‘ancient’ artifacts and war memorabilia she found on the street.

Erin Gilbert, 42, was found by her husband Nic in a pool of her own blood in the living room of her Merrylands rental, in Sydney‘s western suburbs, at about 11.30pm on Easter Sunday.

Mr Gilbert, 38, tried to save her life by performing CPR but she was dead by the time paramedics arrived.

He was questioned by police on Monday, but was released without charge. It is understood there is CCTV confirming his alibi.

Police remain baffled by her mysterious death and have appealed to the public to help find her killer.

Ms Gilbert previously worked in aged care and as a nurse, before she started answering phones for a sales company.

However, Daily Mail Australia can reveal she had a side-hustle selling an array of unique goods on Facebook marketplace for thousands of dollars.

Erin Gilbert and her husband Nic (pictured) got married in 2020. He tried to save her life on Sunday

Ms Gilbert and her husband found war memorabilia on the nature strip near their home and sold it for $1500 on Facebook

In January, three months before she died, Ms Gilbert and her husband salvaged a stack of World War I medals and certificates from a nature strip during council cleanup and successfully sold them on social media for $1500.

The memorabilia dated back to 1914 and belonged to a veteran named James Sadler, who quit his job as a laborer at age 22 to join the military.

‘Me and my husband have never personally met Mr Sadler but when my husband found these he was [SIC] discusted to see his memory been thrown out in a council clean up,’ she wrote in the Facebook sales ad.

‘The more we found out about this guy the more we wanted to know and wanted to make sure the memory of this genuine Aussie battler didn’t get forgotten … guys like this can not be forgotten.’

Ms Gilbert was also selling a clay vase for $300 – discounted from $700 – which she claimed was ‘Berber antique ancient pottery’ that used to belong to an ‘old African tribe’.

Berber is a style of ceramics from Morocco.

‘Antique jug has been hand painted. It’s from an old African tribe. Happy to negotiate,’ she wrote on the listing.

Ms Gilbert also took a photo of her hair (pictured) and offered her services as a model for budding hairdressers

Pictured left: An ‘ancient’ Berber vase, as advertised by Ms Gilbert. Right: A cosplay-style mask Ms Gilbert was trying to sell for $100

Ms Gilbert was also selling an e-bike for $3500 on behalf of a friend, a cosplay-style mask for $100, two car head rests for $150, and a ‘Korean mother of pearl cabinet’ from the 1940s for $600 – discounted from $1000 – despite its two broken legs.

About two weeks before she died, she sold an Apple watch for $300, and was trying to sell a vintage Holden repair catalogue for $500.

In another ad, she took a photo of her hair and offered to be a model for budding hairdressers in the Paramatta region.

‘Hi all you lovely hairdressers. I’m free to be someone’s hair model. Any day of the week. In the Parramatta area. Just hit me up if you need my help,’ she wrote.

In the hours after she died, Mr Gilbert updated his Facebook bio to say: ‘I was broken and then I found my best, my better half.

‘Without you bub… I love you’. 

A previous post from May, 2019, dedicated to Ms Gilbert and their cat Bonnie hinted at someone trying to ‘come between them’. 

‘They are my world and with out them I would be lost,’ Mr Gilbert wrote.

‘To the horrible fake lonely person who keep trying to come between us, well I suppose thank you for reminding us that we are so deeply in love that no matter what games you try play or how good at them you may be you will not come between us.

Ms Gilbert was also selling an e-bike on behalf of a friend, for $3500 (pictured)

About two weeks before she died, Ms Gilbert successfully sold an Apple watch for $300

‘And the day you do I promise you there will be no God to protect you from me!’

Mr Gilbert that same year spoke lovingly of his future wife, saying: ‘I fell in love  because after getting to know you, I realised I wanted to make you a permanent part of my world.’ 

Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting Mr Gilbert or the unknown ‘lonely person’ is responsible for Ms Gilbert’s death. 

Mr and Mrs Gilbert were both known to police for ‘minor matters’. 

Detectives have launched Strike Force Trevelyan to get to the bottom of what happened in Ms Gilbert’s final hours at her home on Sunday night.

‘Definitely we believe something’s happened on Sunday night … when police arrived, she hadn’t been passed away for long,’ Cumberland Police Superintendent Andrew Holland told reporters on Tuesday.

‘Erin was at home in her unit block that evening … we are aware that neighbours have heard her at the unit block, she’s been speaking that night.

Ms Gilbert’s body was discovered face down in a pool of blood inside a unit block (forensic police pictured)

‘We’re just concerned somebody else may have been at the unit block with her.’ 

‘We need to know what happened, who was there.’

A crime scene was established was extensively examined by specialist forensic police, who were still swarming the scene on Wednesday morning.

Forensic officers swarmed the Newman Street unit block and were seen taking swabs from the railing of the balcony and inside the doorway.

A rainbow, round rug hung over the railing, while the balcony was cluttered by other items, including a telescope, a wooden jewellery box and a number of plastic tubs.

Officers were also seen closely inspecting the open entrance area under the apartment, with one holding a blood-soaked sock.

It’s understood sheets and a doona in the home were also stained with blood.

Police have urged anyone with information about Ms Gilbert’s death to call Crime Stoppers.

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