An armed Walgreens employee shot at a pregnant woman in the parking lot of the store after accusing her of shoplifting, forcing her to undergo an emergency C-section. 

Mitarius Boyd, 21, a team leader at the store was informed that two women were stealing from the store in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 12.

He claims that he saw the women placing items into a store cart and bag, and followed them as they exited the store and filmed them.

Boyd was reportedly caught on surveillance footage shooting Travonsha Ferguson, 24, multiple times with his semi-automatic pistol after he was sprayed with mace, it is alleged. 

She was forced to have an emergency C-section, with her seven-month-old baby being delivered two months early.

Both Ferguson and her child remain in hospital, in a critical but stable condition accruing to Metro Nashville Police Department.

Travonsha Ferguson was forced to have an emergency C-section after being shot in the parking lot of this Walgreens in Nashville. Alleged shooter Mitarius Boyd, a team leader at the store, claims Fergson maced him while shoplifting, prompting him to open fire. 

The women started to place items they had allegedly stolen in the trunk of the car before the shooting, with Boyd explaining that he was in fear and didn’t know if they were armed.

A second female drove Ferguson to the General Hospital and left, with the pregnant woman being transferred to Vanderbilt.

A spokesman for Metro Nashville Police Department said: ‘Boyd cooperated with detectives. His gun was seized and detectives are in possession of his cell phone.

‘At the completion of the investigation, detectives will staff their findings with the District Attorney’s Office for a determination as to whether Boyd will face charges.’

Boyd was previously arrested in October 2023 for causing a disruption n a Nashville Best Buy store after he was unable to buy a PS5.

He refused to leave the store after officers arrived and was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

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