WARNING: Distressing content discussing child sex abuse.

The vile fantasies of a twisted couple have been revealed after they lured a cognitively impaired boy into their home with drugs in order to film themselves sexually abusing him over five years.

Julia Ann Bamforth, 49, and Paul Robert Bamforth, 50, have pleaded guilty to 146 charges related to the horrific ongoing sexual abuse of the young boy on the NSW Central Coast.

They admitted to luring the neurodivergent child into their home with the promise of drugs in order to sexually abuse him and film the exploitation for their sexual gratification.

Julia and Paul Bamforth have pleaded guilty to nearly 150 charges related to the ongoing child sex abuse of a cognitively impaired boy. Picture: Facebook

Videos filmed by the pedophilic couple document the sexual abuse from when the victim was around 12 years old, but the victim told police the sexual abuse began when he was only seven years old.

He said he had been bribed with a bounty of free drugs to engage in sexual acts with the married couple over a period of at least five years.

‘I didn’t want to but I had to,’ the young boy said in a police interview.

‘I used to get free pot, free ice, free MDMA off (Paul), for, to … root his wife.’

The court documents reveal the Bamforths knew the child had been diagnosed with cognitive disabilities and cruelly referred to him as ‘the retard’.

Police discovered numerous texts between the co-offenders which reveal the sexual gratification they received from sexually abusing the pre-pubescent victim.

In one of the messages to her husband, Julia wrote she wanted to get pregnant with the ‘ugly little retard’ so they could ‘molest the child or children’.

Court documents show they lured the boy into their home with drugs. Picture: Facebook

In notes found on Paul’s phone, Julia reiterated her desire to give birth to a child who could be sexually abused by the couple from a young age.

The court documents reveal there were around 300 notes of a similar nature – some up to 2500 words long – which discussed the couple’s desire to have sex with young children.

In one of the messages highlighted by police, Julia and Paul reveal a fantasy of taking in homeless or needy children whom they would then sexually abuse.

The couple went as far as discussing kidnapping children to satisfy their sick sexual urges, according to the court documents.

The Bamforths’ years of cruelty against the victim were documented on home video which was uncovered when police raided their home in Narara on February 26, 2021.

Seven hard drives were found hidden in a shoebox inside a cupboard and taped to the underside of the bedside table, according to the agreed facts.

The couple then filmed themselves engaging in sex acts with the boy, according to court documents. Picture: Facebook

The hard drives contained more than 90 videos of the couple engaging in sex acts with the victim from a time when he was estimated to be between 10 and 13 years old.

One of the videos shows Julia performing oral sex on the victim when he was about 12 while he was asleep and unaware, according to the facts.

The court documents reveal the couple had a folder called ‘my little c*** lover’ on their computer where they stored some of the child sex abuse material, including compilation videos of various sex acts involving the victim.

In a number of the videos, Paul can be heard instructing and encouraging sex acts between his wife and the victim while he filmed the abuse.

The Bamforths can also be seen giving the victim illegal drugs, including an ice pipe, in multiple videos described in the court documents.

Police note in one video showing the victim having sex with Julia, he appeared to be ‘highly drug affected’.

Police seized a zombie sword from the Bamforths’ home in Narara. Picture: NSW Police

Officers also uncovered a myriad of drugs at the Narara home. Picture: NSW Police

When the victim was 16 years old, the Bamforths were arrested and the sexual abuse ceased.

Just days before their arrests, the victim told two friends about the ongoing abuse and called Paul a ‘paedophile’.

Paul arranged for the victim to be brought to the Bamforths’ house where he was then beaten bloody.

He was kicked and punched multiple times and forced to strip to his underwear before he was put in the boot of a car, according to the court documents.

The victim told police he heard his assailants talking about taking him to a nearby lookout, but he managed to escape when the car stopped at some traffic lights.

Julia was not charged with involvement in the kidnapping.

The police raid uncovered a stash of weapons in the Bamforths’ house. Picture: NSW Police

Police also seized a large amount of cash. Picture: NSW Police

Julia admitted to a staggering 78 offences relating to the sickening child sex abuse, while Paul pleaded guilty to 68 charges.

Both were charged with more than 20 counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child, as well as numerous charges of aggravated sexual assault of a victim with cognitive impairment, and using a child to produce child sex abuse material.

The sickening child sex abuse couple will be sentenced for their combined 146 crimes later this year.

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