A couple travelling around Australia in a van have shared their experience of getting food poisoning after thinking they had found a bargain with some cheap chicken. 

TikToker Jack Kirby said it ‘wasn’t worth the gamble’ after revealing he bought chicken mince at Coles marked down to just 52c along with two bags of wings, each marked down to 42c. 

Pictures show him smiling as he buys the chook and then the two meals he and his partner cook – spicy chicken wings and chicken meatballs with pasta.

But the pair’s expression soon changes with later photos showing them both looking nauseous and exhausted  as they lie in their campervan bed. 

Another picture shows the remnants of the two meals thrown up against the side of their van, with Mr Kirby tagging the post #vanlife and #foodpoisoning. 

Mr Kirby shared a picture of himself happily buying buying what he thought was a bargain

The chicken mince was marked down to 52c for the whole pack while the two bags of chicken wings were 42c each

While eating undercooked chicken can expose humans to salmonella and other dangerous bacteria, poultry past the use by date, even if cooked well, can still cause illness.

This is because the toxins excreted by the bacteria build up long enough to contaminate it in dangerous amounts even after the bacteria are neutralised by cooking. 

Commenters on the post said they would not have risked it.

‘Coles marked down meat always looks sketchy. Also if the plastic packaging is inflated, don’t buy it,’ one person said.

‘The wings back was like a balloon,’ Mr Kirby replied.

‘No way I’m eating chicken marked down to 52c,’ another commenter said.

‘Food poisoning in a van would have been next level mate,’ joked a third.

‘The best before date is correct if it stays at the right temp but the open fridges at Coles often don’t hold that temp, I won’t touch markdown chicken,’ added a fourth.

Mr Kirby said he had learnt his lesson and hoped his experience would each others to be careful when picking up bargain food products.

Mr Kirby and his partner got a nasty bout of food poisoning from the questionable chicken, which they battled through while living in their van

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