In recent years, the potency of THC found in marijuana has increased. A 2016 National Health Institute study found that the DEA seized approximately 4% of marijuana in 1995. The levels rose to 12% in 2014 after the levels tripled.

Assistant research professor Elizabeth Aston from Brown University’s Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences stated that THC can have many negative effects. CBD, however, can reduce THC’s effects.

CBD does not have a mind-altering effect. Instead, it causes what some call a “body boost”. CBD relaxes the muscles much like a couch.

CBD is now being promoted as a treatment for everything, from sleep problems to epilepsy relief in children. However, CBD levels in marijuana are decreasing just like the potency and levels of THC are increasing. They are now at a low level of 0.1% in 2014 after falling to 0.2% in 2001.

High levels of THC can make it difficult to produce CBD. Take for example the “Girl Scout Cookie”, a Colorado favorite that contains 0.09 to 0.2% CBD and 17-28% THC.

A high THC potency strain means anything with a higher than 15% THC content. However, Aston stated that strains found in dispensaries have at least 15% THC and are often higher. You can buy concentrates like shatter, wax, and dabs at dispensaries. They can contain as much as 80% THC.

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By Debra