Mary Quant, the renowned British fashion designer, and her husband had a son named Orlando Plunkett-Greene. She became a symbol of London’s Swinging Sixties with her iconic play clothes, boots, painted eyes, fake freckles, and unique bob hairstyle.

Before launching her clothing line, Mary Quant began her career as a milliner’s apprentice. She revolutionized fashion with her pioneering designs, which included sleeveless shift dresses, PVC raincoats, Peter Pan collars, skinny-rib sweaters, block-colored tights, and jumpsuits.

In 2022, Mary was appointed a companion of honor in the New Year Honors list. At the age of 93, Dame Mary Quant passed away peacefully at her home, leaving behind a grieving fashion world. Her groundbreaking creations, including block-colored tights, PVC, and Vidal Sassoon’s bob haircut, cemented her status as a British fashion icon.

Meet Orlando Plunkett-Greene, the Son of Fashion Legend Mary Quant

Mary Quant is a name synonymous with fashion, style, and innovation. She was a revolutionary designer who changed the face of British fashion forever. Quant’s creations, including the iconic miniskirt, have become timeless classics and still inspire fashion designers to this day. However, not much is known about her son, Orlando Plunkett-Greene. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of this elusive figure and his connection to the Quant family.

Who is Orlando Plunkett-Greene?

Orlando Plunkett-Greene was born in 1969 to Mary Quant and her husband, Alexander Plunkett-Greene. Unfortunately, not much is known about Orlando’s life, as he leads a private and anonymous existence. There is no information available about his education, career, or personal life.

Alexander Plunkett-Greene: Mary Quant’s Husband and Business Partner

Mary Quant met Alexander Plunkett-Greene in 1953, and they were married from 1957 until his death in 1990. Alexander was not only her spouse but also her business partner. Together, they contributed to a fashion revolution in the 1960s, introducing affordable and stylish clothing to the masses.

Alexander was born into a well-to-do family, and his oddball personality made him stand out. He was known to wear his mother’s gold shantung silk pajamas to class and play jazz on the trumpet. Alexander and his friend opened the Bazaar boutique on King’s Road in Chelsea, and Mary was the first buyer. She began selling her designs there, and Bazaar became famous as a young people’s store.

In 1963, Alexander popularized Mary’s designs by launching a full Mary Quant collection called Ginger Group, which later expanded. They also created eye-catching window displays and sold Quant’s designs at reasonable prices with simple forms and brilliant colors. This business strategy made Mary Quant a household name and a symbol of the Swinging Sixties.

Mary Quant’s Family Background

Mary Quant’s parents, Jack and Mildred Quant, were Welsh teachers who received scholarships to grammar school and earned first-class degrees at Cardiff University before relocating to London to work as teachers. Mary was born on February 11, 1930, in Blackheath, London.

According to a statement released by her family to the PA news agency, Mary Quant “died peacefully at home in Surrey, UK this morning.” She was an internationally recognized fashion designer of the twentieth century and an outstanding innovator of the Swinging Sixties. In the 1950s, she earned a diploma in art education from Goldsmiths College, where she met her husband, Alexander Plunkett Greene, who later helped establish her brand.

In summary, Orlando Plunkett-Greene is the son of Mary Quant, a fashion icon who changed the course of British fashion. Although not much is known about Orlando’s life, his connection to the Quant family is significant. Mary Quant’s husband and business partner, Alexander Plunkett-Greene, played a pivotal role in establishing Mary’s brand and introducing affordable and stylish clothing to the masses. Mary’s legacy lives on through her timeless designs, which continue to inspire fashion designers to this day.

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